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Parents and teachers have always played a decisive role in the upgradation of the quality of people in different parts of the world. Therefore, for proper all-round development of a child, there should be a good rapport between the school and home. Hence, constant link with the parents is maintained. Second Saturday of the month is kept exclusively for the parents to meet the teachers and discuss the problems of their wards, if any. On PTM Day all the students are expected to come in their regular uniform with their parents along with the student diary.


Note : Due to COVID-19 online PTM will conducted till school resumes to regular classroom studies.

PTM Schedule 2020-2021
S.No. Month Date Day Status
1 Apr. 25 Sat. Interaction with Parents
2 Aug. 8 Sat. Syllabus & T.T. Discussion of Mid Term
3 Oct. 10 Sat. Result Declaration of Mid Term
4 Dec. 12 Sat. General Progress
5 Feb '21 06 Sat. Syllabus & T.T. Discussion of Final Exam
6 Mar. '21 19 Sat. Result Declaration of Final Exam


Days of Parents - Teachers Meeting(2019-2020)


S.No Date   Status
1 27-Apr General Progress Meeting
2 13-Jul General Progress Meeting
3 10-Aug General Progress Meeting
4 14-Sep General Progress Meeting
5 5-Oct Mid Term SyllabusDiscussion
6 9-Nov Result Declaration of Mid Term
7 14-Dec General Progress Meeting
8 11-Jan General Progress Meeting
9 8-Feb General Progress Meeting
10 7-Mar Final Term Syllabus Discussion


1. It is compulsory for the parents / guardians to attend the Parent Teachers Meeting .

        2. It is advised that parents should meet the incharges first & then the class teachers/subject teachers in the meeting.



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